What are the Best Slippers for Summer?

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In most Chinese mind, summer means vest, shorts, slippers ,and then beer, barbecue. Put on a pair of slippers to hang out on the street is comfortable. Slippers can not only make people's feet get rid of exhaust, but also seem to be able to liberate people's spirits from extremely intense work and life. Nowadays, most slippers are not only comfortable to wear, but also with nice appearance. Here are some nice high quality Summer Slipper Sandals .

Sports slippers

Many sportswear brand put out the sports slippers, although they can’t be wear during the sport, they are the slippers with Motion element such as the simple pattern or single color. They are soft, comfortable and with excellent shock relief.

Sports slippers

Birkenstock sandals

Birkenstock sandals are known for providing excellent protection of the feet when walking or standing and for the design of ergonomics that make them comfortable. The scientific principles behind the extremely comfortable Birkenstock sandals are the most complete and up-to-date technologies applied to the bottom of basic shoes, boots and clogs.

Birkenstock sandals


Crocs shoes, also known as "garden shoes," a kind of slippers. It is characterized by a large shoe body and a lot of breathable holes in the upper of the shoe. When wearing "hole shoes". It's comfortable enough to breathe outside, and it's perfectly fine in the room and even in the bathroom.




When you wear shorts and T-shirts then a pair of Summer Slipper Sandals are the most right choices. In fact, just like T-shirts, flip-flops are also elements of "democracy" in fashion. The sense of design is all in the pattern, style and color, and the wearer's own body shape has little to do with it. As long as the flip-flops are well designed, people can be look fashionable regardless of the height and weight.

high quality Summer Slipper Sandals 


It is a pair of comfortable slippers with cusp, flat bottom. unlike the domestic definition of slippers,this kind of slippers are often considered "formal" shoes in Morocco. Babouche soles are made of leather. The upper of the shoes is usually soft sheepskin or satin, accompanied by delicate embroidery or Tassel. The most interesting thing is that the heel of the shoe can pull up and wear normally, or step down regards as a pair of slippers.


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