What are slippers?
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What are slippers?

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What are slippers?

Slippers are a simple type of footwear that usually only cover the sole and heel of the foot, and have no other covering. Slippers are characterized by comfort, lightness, and ease of putting on and taking off, and are widely used in places such as indoors, beaches, and bathing.

When it comes to slippers, most people will think of beaches, waves, and cacti. Slippers also represent comfort. After going out for a day and returning home, take off your shoes, put on the exclusive slippers at home, and lie lazily on the sofa to enjoy your own time.


Why do people like slippers more and more?

1. High comfort: Compared with shoes, slippers are looser, lighter and softer, and more comfortable to wear.

2. Strong convenience: slipper is easy to put on and take off, and does not require too much time and effort to choose and match, which is very suitable for daily use.

3. Multi-occasion use: Slippers can not only be worn at home, but also used for summer outdoor activities or playing on the beach.

4. Variety of styles: With the change of fashion, the styles of slippers are becoming more and more colorful, meeting the individual needs of different groups of people.

5. Moderate price: Compared with some brand shoes, the price of slippers is relatively close to the people, which is more in line with the economic strength of ordinary consumers.

During the holidays, many people want to put down the heavy work and go to the beach to surf and sunbathe carefree. A pair of comfortable slippers has become an essential existence.

Whether it's flip flops or slippers, everyone wants a pair of comfortable and stylish slippers. ORIES is a slipper company integrating design, research and development, and production.

Our company was established in October 2011, located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China, specializing in the production of slippers. We have hundreds of styles for you to choose from. Every year at the Canton Fair, many buyers of flip flops from all over the country have reached cooperation with us.


How should we choose the slippers that suit us?

1. Choose the material according to your needs: The materials of slippers include cotton, leather, rubber, EVA, etc. Each material has different characteristics, so you need to choose according to your own needs.

2. Pay attention to the size: Since the slippers have no laces and can be adjusted according to the shape of the feet, you must pay attention to whether the size is suitable when choosing. It is best to try them on before deciding to buy.

3. Consider comfort: The comfort of slippers directly affects the wearing experience, and you need to make choices in terms of materials, soles, and shoe shapes.

4. Pay attention to safety: Slippers are relatively easy to slip when worn, and the grip of the soles needs to be considered, especially in slippery environments.

5. Suitable occasions: Different slippers are suitable for different occasions, and you need to choose according to your needs. For example, slippers worn at home and outdoor sports are different.

In short, choosing slippers that suit you needs to pay attention to comprehensive considerations, and make appropriate choices based on material, size, comfort, safety, and occasions.


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