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The hot summer is coming, I believe many of you are planning a beach vacation or a beach date, I've made a long list of some cute beach outfits that are must-have for your beach wardrobe. Let's find some inspirations for these stylish attires.

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Maxi Dresses

Maxi dress is definitely classic. It goes well with heels, wedges and slippers. Paring with a wide-brimmed hat can get a beachy vibes. In the choice of materials, linen or cotton linen maxi dress is perfect because it's breathable and skin-friendly, which is truly suitable for beach wear. Plus, try a floral, print , tie-dye to make your look into next level.

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Beach Cover Up

Cover up is the most essential attires for a beach vacation. A see-through design adds an element of sexy and also keeps you cool. Wearing it with a colorful bikini or same-tone bikini is super eye-catching. Whatever it's full-length or knee-length, it's available in all day!

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Playsuits are easy to wear and fit for all shapes. Choose some special designs, such as off-shoulder, crocheted details to make a statement. It's also fun to translate it into a boho style with a straw hat and metal jewelry.

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The loose linen shorts are perfect for beach time, and you can match them with a tank top or casual t-shirt/shirt, this combination is quite appropriate from breakfast to a bike ride to the beach.

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Kimono is the best outfit to make your beach style a bit dressier. I love the tropical-inspired print since it works so well together with any outfits, especially the swimsuits and can easily create an enthusiastic vibe. Plus, it can also provide protection from the sun, the requisite outfit you need to prepare in the summer time!

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Tank Top

Everyone can wear tank top, it fits all ages and all shapes. White tank top is my favorite since it goes well with any brightly colored outfits, for example, bikini, or bright-colored sets. It's also suitable for those who are going to spend a day in the sand or planning a romantic beach walk.

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Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is one of the magical outfits that suits to warmer weather to colder weather. When you feel cold, you can just as easily mix it with your beach outfits to keep you warm. I prefer to layer it up with dresses or casual plain t-shirt due to it's not only perfect for a beach date but also good for some common occasions.

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Sunglasses or sun hat is always a must for the sunshine. On the one hand, they are used to protect your hair, face and eyes from the sun. For another, it adds a bit more fun to your look and make it more stylish.

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Flip Flops

I must prepare flip flops for a beach vacation. They are tiny, lightweight and less space occupied. You don’t need to worry about that your shoes will get wet by water, and needn't have been a bit afraid that your soles feel uncomfortable by stepping on hot sands, a pair of flip-flops can easily fix all the problems.

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How can we go to the beach without swimsuits? Not everyone is suited to wear a bikini, try a tankini or one-piece based on your figure and your needs.

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