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Types of slippers_material introduction_how to choose

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Slippers are an indispensable item in our daily life. They are closely related to our lives. Whether it is summer or winter, they have been with us almost since we learned to walk. Nowadays, the styles of slippers are also very changeable. The shape has become more beautiful and the functions have become more diverse. So what are the types of slippers? What kind of material is good for slippers? How can they be cleaned?


Types of slippers

1. Classified by season

The classification of slippers includes sandals and cotton slippers. As the name suggests, cotton slippers belong to winter, while sandals and slippers belong to hot summer.

2. Classify by shape

Flip-flops, flip-flops, flip-flops, wedge slippers, high-heeled slippers, massage slippers, hole slippers, flat slippers, etc. are based on

Slippers are classified by shape.

3. Classification according to function

There are many types of slippers, such as casual slippers, beach slippers, home slippers, travel slippers, bathroom slippers, anti-static slippers, floor mopping slippers, health care slippers, etc.

Wait, this is also the element of slippers that everyone will understand when buying slippers.

4. According to material classification

The functions of slippers made of different materials are also different, which is somewhat related to the above-mentioned classification of slippers according to their functions. There are also differences in the classification of slippers from the material.

Various, EVA slippers, TPR slippers, plastic slippers, foam slippers, PVC foam slippers, linen slippers, line slippers and so on.


 What are the materials of slippers?

What material is good for slippers

1. Plastic slippers: Plastic slippers are a must-have item for home use, especially when taking a shower. Plastic slippers do not store water, are quick-drying, and are non-slip, which can provide better protection.

It also has the disadvantages of airtightness and easy damage to the skin.

2. Rubber slippers: The soles of rubber slippers are made of rubber. The rubber is very soft, has excellent elasticity, and is comfortable to wear. Its advantages are non-slip, soft, waterproof, and comfortable to wear.

The bottom is not easy to break, but it is not wear-resistant.

3. Cotton slippers: In cold weather, thick and warm cotton slippers are our first choice. However, because cotton slippers are not waterproof, they are limited in use. its

The advantage is that it is warm and soft, but the disadvantage is that it is not waterproof and prone to foot odor.

4. Linen slippers: Linen slippers are made of natural plant fiber flax, which has good moisture absorption and ventilation functions, and the water absorption capacity is 8 times that of cotton and chemical fibers.

times, and no static, no dust, easy to wash and dry. But not waterproof.


What to choose for slippers

How to choose the right size of slippers

Slippers - generally buy one or two sizes larger, don’t buy slippers that are too big, it will be tiring to wear if you buy too big, and it’s easy to throw the slippers out, if you buy too small, it’s more difficult to squeeze your feet

Comfortable, generally big ones - two sizes are enough, the most important thing is to wear them comfortably.

The specific size of slippers to buy depends on the actual situation and preferences. Summer home slippers can be bought in larger sizes, which are more comfortable to wear. Just buy it for outer wear, season

It is also recommended to buy cotton slippers that fit your feet, which will keep you warmer. In addition, each person's foot shape is different. It is more comfortable to buy thin and long ones, and it is better to buy a larger size for those with wide feet.

You will feel that the sides of the soles of the feet are crowded and uncomfortable to wear.


How to choose slippers

1. Look at the material

Everyone must pay attention to the material problem when choosing summer slippers. Generally, when choosing slippers, try to choose slippers with a texture of rubber, because these slippers are relatively soft.

It absorbs sweat, and it will not slip when taking a bath, which has a good protection effect on our feet.

2. Look at the quality

Choose slippers and try not to buy plastic slippers, because the texture of plastic is very poor and slippery. If you wear such shoes in the shower, it is easy to fall and it is very unsafe.

In addition, plastic slippers do not absorb sweat and are very bad for the feet, so everyone should pay more attention.

3. Look at the details

When you choose slippers, you must strictly check, especially whether the stitching on the upper surface of the slippers is very tight, you must look carefully, and also look at the bottom of the slippers

Whether the upper line is neat and firm, the upper and bottom of the slippers must be well-made, so that they can be used for a long time.

4. Smell

We can distinguish plastic slippers by smell. Generally speaking, plastic slippers have a pungent smell, and it is easy to feel slippery on the feet when worn on the feet. In addition, plastic slippers

For plastic slippers, we can bend them by hand. If there are many fine lines, they must be plastic products.


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