Top 3 Trending Woven Style Items
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Top 3 Trending Woven Style Items

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Top 3 Trending Woven Style Items

"Woven" originated in the east thousands of years ago, now it has been applied to a number of fashion brands, and gradually has become a hot fashion trend. According to the inspiration, designers can design various weave patterns with different materials. Woven material, with a thick natural atmosphere, gives people a sense of cool together with a sense of intimacy. It the best choice for a beach holiday. Here, I collect some stylish items with woven design.

Woven Bags

As one of the most popular items in fashion circle in recent years, woven bags become very common in street photography. In funky shapes and with stylish handles, they are perfect for the warmer months. A woven bag in all of its carefree artisanal glory is the sort of accessory that can transform the overarching aesthetic of an outfit. Simple sweater and jeans? Toss a straw lunch pail in the mix and you're suddenly a chic nod to Jane Birkin. Floral dress and sneakers? Swing a shoulder basket bag on and a countryside picnic somehow feels within arm's reach. 

woven bag

Straw Hats

The classic and timeless Panama hats have become one of the most popular accessories for celebrities. If you haven't found a hat you'd be willing to smush in your suitcase, you've probably never come across one straw hat. Now that the sun has decided to make an appearance again, reminder: Woven hats are chic and a great way to protect against harmful rays.

straw hats

Straw shoes

The popularity of straw shoes is not a news anymore. You may have already purchased a pair few years ago. This year, straw shoes are combined with balletic element, which contain the comfortable feeling of summer and the nifty snese like young girls. If you have the plan to travel to the beach, woven flip flops can be another suitable choice. They are more fashionable than normal ones, while you can wear them to the sea.

straw shoes

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