Tips and Methods on How to Pick Flip-Flops
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Tips and Methods on How to Pick Flip-Flops

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In summer, many people like to wear flip-flops, which are comfortable and beautiful, so what should we pay attention to when we go to the supermarket to buy flip-flops? Go to the supermarket to buy a pair of flip-flops, but when buying flip-flops, you can't be greedy for cheap, you must consider all aspects of flip-flops.



A good pair of flip-flops, it will not emit an unpleasant pungent smell, no pungent aroma, and the taste is also light, if the flip-flops you choose have a strong smell, no matter how good-looking you are, you must give up Oh.


A good pair of flip-flops can be known from its appearance. The appearance of a good flip-flop is very positive, the embroidered pattern is also very three-dimensional and beautiful, with a three-dimensional sense, and the lines are also very full, regardless of the appearance. Well, the fabric selected for its inner lining is also very soft and good.


Flip-flops of good quality, if you fold it, there will be no white crease, it is made of authentic rubber material, it is not easy to break, and the flexibility is very good. If it begins to deform and change color, then it is the performance of poor quality. Generally, the materials used for flip-flops with poor quality are powders that are crushed by garbage, and then subjected to secondary synthesis after drifting. This type of flip-flops has a short lifespan, and generally it will not work after two cleanings.


So how can you choose flip-flops that are both stylish and comfortable?

1. Solid color/contrast color is the most classic

Fancy flip-flops are eye-catching at first glance, but they are difficult to match with suitable clothes, which are easy to overwhelm the guests, and it is difficult for ordinary people to hold them. Simple solid colors and vibrant contrasting colors can make a statement at any time. The solid color model is simple and elegant, and the contrast color model is fashionable and eye-catching.

2. The material of the slippers should be selected correctly

In the selection of flip-flops, the shoelace between the sole and the toes is the key. For the choice of shoelaces, if you want to prevent the tender skin on the inside of the toes from being damaged, the elastic but soft rubber material will not wear your feet. . The sole cannot be sponge, which will lack ankle support. It can't be a material that is too hard, otherwise it will be very painful to walk and rebound. Choosing a good sole will make the wearing feel better.

Ordinary flip-flops are made of foam. Although they are relatively soft, they are easy to slip and wear, and they are not durable. What is more annoying is that they are prone to smelly feet and creaking when walking. On the other hand, rubber flip-flops are soft, lightweight and durable.

3. Shoe design is the most important

In the choice of flip-flops, it is very important to match the foot type and the shoe type of the flip-flops. Asians have high insteps and flat feet. The western foot type has a low instep. Most of the flip-flops on the market are imitating European and American versions. The shoelaces are short and the shoe plate is narrow. Not only the shoelace wears the instep, but the shoe plate does not follow the foot. Wearing it for a while will make the feet uncomfortable, not to mention wearing it for a long time to play. , so it is very important to choose a good shoe type.


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