The king of winter wool slippers, all kinds of styles are easy to hold, lazy but not random
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The king of winter wool slippers, all kinds of styles are easy to hold, lazy but not random

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Every winter shoe cabinet will be filled with all kinds of boots. Wearing a style for a long time is nothing new, and it will also be aesthetically tired, which will reduce the passion for matching. In order to break this solidified model of wearing, it is recommended to match this The mop, whether it is office, home, work or leisure, can easily control various scenes.

Although not as warm as boots, this shoe model is fashionable and western-style. It can be easily controlled by various styles. It is the king of all-match in the hearts of many fashionistas.

LOOK1: Coat + wool drag

The combination of overcoats and wool drags is full of celebrity styles, and it is also the most common group to wear in winter star street shooting. Thick woolen coats are paired with slim sweaters, and a pair of stylish wool drags are stepped on their feet. The overall collocation is lazy but not random, suitable for daily travel and concave shape, and also has a certain tolerance for the figure.

There are many styles of coats, but if you want to wear it out, you have to wear a long coat with a wool mop. Because you need to wear a short coat with a wool mop, the skin area will be greatly increased. The style of wearing will be slightly sloppy, and a long coat can perfectly neutralize this aspect.


LOOK2: Suit + hair drag

The suit jacket has a high rate of being out of the street. Whether it is casual style or royal sister style, it can participate in a stroke. The style is varied and not limited to one kind. Such a jacket is very popular in matching, and sports pants can be relaxed. Control, pleated skirts can also be tried, a versatile coat like a suit top in the wardrobe is really rare.

The suit jacket with wool drag is a mixture of two styles. The suit jacket has an aura formally, and the wool drag is lazy and casual. What makes people surprised is that these two completely different styles are blended together, and there is no sense of contradiction, and the combination remains the same. Be at the forefront of fashion and have a special flavor.


LOOK3: Sweater + wool drag

The styles of sweaters are roughly divided into two types, one is more slim and the other is looser. The two types of sweaters are very different in style, and the styles presented are also very different. Slim-fit sweaters are mainly mature and feminine, loose. Sweaters mainly follow the young girlish style. From the comparison of these two different styles of sweaters, the loose sweaters are more suitable for matching woolen drags.

Sweaters are matched with woolen drags. In the choice of bottoms, you can pay more attention to the slim black pants or slim jeans. The classic top-wide and bottom-narrow matching method is adopted. This combination looks neat and tidy, and is suitable for the age group. Extensive, it is a set of highly practical collocations, and at the same time it will have the effect of showing thinness visually.

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