The Best Affordable Running Shoes Reviewed In 2019
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The Best Affordable Running Shoes Reviewed In 2019

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The Best Affordable Running Shoes Reviewed In 2019

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of the brand has also reached a grade. Brands can be seen as an important factor in the choice of sport shoes. The following are several best sports shoes brands to make a reference.


In 1972, NIKE was formally established. Its predecessor was the Blue Ribbon Sports Company, which was invested by current NIKE President Phil Nate and Bill Ballman. Nike is a Top Sports international brand which deals in all kind of sports accessories, specially Shoes and Apparels. They have Multiple kinds of Design, color, and sizes and hence choose the right model according to your preference within budget. Nike offers shoes in various categories like running, golf, snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, soccer, tennis, football and etc..

NIKE latest shoes


Founded in 1948, adidas has helped countless athletes to achieve great results and has achieved a lot of great achievements. "adidas" was founded by German AdiDassler whose dream is to "design and produce the most affordable running shoes for the sportsmen." Adidas upholds AdiDassler's philosophy of perfect shoes, constantly exchanges ideas with world-class top sportsmen and coaches. The family improves their athletic performance and better meets the needs of consumers in the general market for high quality sports goods.

adidas pink footwear


PUMA is a world-renowned sports brand that specializes in designs and markets of  footwear, apparel and accessories. Since 1948, PUMA has been designing products for athletes around the world. PUMA offers a range of high performance and sporty styles including football, running, fitness training and motorsport. It cooperates with world-renowned design brands Alexander McQueen and Mihara Yasuhiro to bring innovative and efficient product design to the sports world. The PUMA official mall has a large selection of shoes, clothing, accessories and sports equipment for customers to choose.

puma fashion shoes


New Balance, a brand founded in 1906 by William J. Riley in the Marathon City of Boston, is known in the United States and many countries as "President Jogging Shoes" and "King of Jogging Shoes". With the spirit of manufacturing superior products, New Balance continues to make progress in technology materials, product appearance and comfort. What remains unchanged is that New Balance operates with a high standard of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, and teamwork spirit, in order to become a well-known brand of high-tech, high-quality world sports and leisure products.

NEW BALANCE cool sports shoes


ORIES, founded in 2011, is popular for its unique designs and high quality in shoe range. They offer comfortable flip-flops and comfortable sports shoes for men and women, ideal for walking, trekking, adventure and outdoor activities. With strong development and design capabilities, ORIES produces high quality shoes with reasonable prices. The company has sales outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, as well as Paris, Dubai, Brazil and Moscow, and exports to the United States, Russia, France, India, the Middle East and other countries and regions.


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