How to wear clogs with socks and skinny jeans?
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How to wear clogs with socks and skinny jeans?

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Clogs reached their peak in the 1970s, but as consumers want to invest in well-made and versatile products, clogs have made a comeback in closets around the world.

However, this time, classic clogs can be found in modern sandals, mules and boots designs. A good pair of clogs can be worn with the season, can be dressed up or dressed up. Neutral colors often bring the most versatility, while a pair of black clogs adds a sense of refinement. Neutral tones make the modern transformation of a pair of clogs a statement, while choosing brighter colors can make classic looks stand out.

1. How to wear clogs with socks

Wearing clogs with socks can give you a new way to add interest to your clothes. This has become a popular way for fashionistas to wear clogs and a common way for Europeans to wear shoes.

This appearance is most suitable for warm temperatures, but it is reliable with the changing of the seasons. In early fall, choose warm, colorful socks, such as dark orange or chocolate brown, to match your clogs. Summer requires a thinner, light-colored duet with clogs, and a pair of light-colored formal socks add freshness to your favorite spring sundress.


2. How to wear clogs with skinny jeans

When the seasonal transition requires something extra, pairing skinny jeans with your favorite clogs can help continue the style. Clogs paired with skinny jeans will increase your sense of wearing these shoes, and jeans will help dissipate the lingering chill in the air.

Especially when paired with dark washed denim, clogs paired with skinny jeans can show eternal elegance.

As clogs celebrate its revival in the high fashion world, consumers can expand their wardrobe with a pair of high-quality clogs. The secret is that the relaxed, casual charm of clogs matches most popular styles today.

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