How to wash white shoes cleaner?
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How to wash white shoes cleaner?

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Milky white is this kind of white color. Whether it is clothes, pants or boots, it can be matched with other colors. But milky white is easy to get dirty. How to clean is a difficult problem for many people. This article introduces everyone in detail. It's a little trick on how to wash white shoes.


The most common cleaning methods for how to wash white shoes:

1. Wet the boots with warm boiled water first. It does not need to be long. It is best to put a little white rice vinegar during the whole soaking process. White rice vinegar is usually a good way to deal with the yellowing of the cloth.

2. Use a soft brush or waste soft bristled toothbrush dipped in laundry soap or soap powder.

3. Cleaning, remember that it must be cleaned and tidy, especially when the boots are cleaned with soap powder. After brushing the shoes, it is best to soak them in small water for a period of time.

4 Wrap the shoes with handkerchief paper, wrap them tightly, and then put them in the shade and let them dry everywhere when they are naturally ventilated. Remember not to expose them to the sun.

white shoes

If this common cleaning method doesn't work, everyone has to start thinking about other methods of how to wash white shoes:

1. Remove the boots and shoelaces and wash them, first add whitening soap to wash the boots and shoelaces, and then wash them neatly with cold water.

2. Dilute the milky white gouache paint with water (the water does not need to be added too much, it is not too thick, perhaps the milky white color paste can not be too much), and then use a soft toothbrush to coat the shoes with gouache, if it is dirty Severe areas can get more sun protection.

3. Put the shoes in the shade and naturally ventilate to dry everywhere.

If gouache paint is hard to find, everyone can use whitening toothpaste, but the whitening toothpaste must be all white. After the boots are cleaned, brush the boots with whitening toothpaste, and then wash the boots neatly, and finally use Wrap your boots with a handkerchief and leave them in a cool place to dry naturally.

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