How to clean slippers of different materials?
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How to clean slippers of different materials?

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How to clean slippers of different materials?

What kinds of materials are there in slippers:

  1. Plastic slippers: Plastic slippers are a must-have item for home use, especially when taking a shower. Plastic slippers do not store water, dry quickly, and are non-slip, which can provide better protection. However, they also have the disadvantages of being airtight and easy to damage the skin. When purchasing plastic slippers, the easiest way is to smell them directly. It is best not to choose slippers with a pungent smell.


2. Rubber slippers: The sole of rubber slippers is made of rubber. The rubber is very soft, has excellent elasticity, and is comfortable to wear. Its advantages are non-slip, soft, waterproof, and the sole is not easy to break, but it is not wear-resistant. When purchasing rubber slippers, you can choose natural rubber slippers for comfortable and soft wearing experience. If you use them for outdoor wear, you can choose synthetic rubber materials with stronger wear resistance. 


3. Cotton slippers: in cold winter, thick and warm cotton slippers are our first choice. However, because cotton slippers are not waterproof, they are limited in use. Its advantages are warmth and softness, but its disadvantages are that it is not waterproof and prone to foot odor.


4. Linen slippers: Linen slippers are made of natural plant fiber linen. They have good moisture absorption and ventilation functions. The water absorption capacity is 8 times that of cotton and chemical fibers. Its advantages are sweat absorption and good air permeability; its disadvantages are: it is not waterproof, and the linen is easy to be damaged after getting wet.


5. EVA slippers: EVA slippers are light and soft, with good shock absorption effect, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. But the slippers made of EVA are not durable enough and easy to deform.


How to clean different materials:

  1. Pvc material slippers: 1. Prepare a pot of warm water, pour in an appropriate amount of laundry detergent, mix and soak the slippers in the water for about 30 minutes: 2. Scrub the slippers repeatedly with a brush, and scrub the stains repeatedly 3. Dry the washed slippers

2. Rubber slippers: apply laundry detergent on the discarded toothbrush, use the toothbrush to evenly brush the surface of the slippers until the stains on the slippers are removed, and then wipe them clean with a paper towel before wearing them.

3. Cotton slippers: soft-soled cotton slippers are generally made of soft TPR material, which is very comfortable to wear and can also protect the floor well. So how to wash soft-soled cotton slippers? Because of the material, wearing During the process, there will be a phenomenon of getting bigger after wearing. You can choose machine washing for washing. When washing, put the slippers in your pocket and put them in the washing machine. However, in order to avoid the consequences of deformation and larger slippers, it is recommended to choose hand washing. The washing steps are soaking and rubbing.

4. Linen slippers: Apply toothpaste on the linen slippers, and then gently brush them with a brush, which can effectively remove the dirt on them, and rinse them off after brushing. Toothpaste acts as a bleaching agent while cleaning. Do not use hot water when cleaning, but cold water. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. If the water temperature is too high, the color of linen slippers will fade, because its color fastness is not very good.

5. EVA slippers: Prepare a basin of clear water, add baking soda powder to the water, and mix well.

Soak the dirty slippers in the basin for about 10 minutes, so that the stains can be easily soaked out.

Use a brush to gently scrub the slippers, paying attention to scrub along the texture of the shoes to avoid damage to the shoes. Finally, rinse with clean water until there is no detergent left.

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