How to Choose Healthier Flip-Flops ?
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How to Choose Healthier Flip-Flops ?

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How to Choose Healthier Flip-Flops ?

Summer is coming and we start to look for a pair of nice and comfortable flip flops again. Although slippers are a suitable choice during the summer time, make sure they are not the right type of footwear for every activity. They aren't made for running, walking long distances, or lifting and carrying. Additionally, we should steer clear of poorly-made flip-flops and pick those that give our feet appropriate support as well as cushioning. Learn how to select well-constructed flip-flops that won't fail the feet and keep our warm-weather feet happier.

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Get the Right Size

Our heels and toes should not be hanging off the edge of the sole, inviting rocks and toys to give a nasty cut or stubbed toe. One walker calls this "shrimp cocktail toes." Likewise, don't just slip into an oversized pair with edges that can catch on uneven ground and result in tripping.

Avoid Foot Irritation

The toe post and straps can cause rubbing, irritation, and blisters. These minor injuries can be prevented by using an anti-blister lubricant or padsuntil your feet have developed tougher skin in those areas. However, if you have diabetes you need to be vigilant in preventing blisters and sores that can lead to an infection.

Replace Worn Out Flip-Flops

Flip-flops cannot be worn year after year. Before slipping into them, check cracks in the sole and uppers or signs that the post is coming loose. Of course we don't want a blow out to trip you up, which is really embarrassing. If there is a deep foot indentation in the sole or we can see the outlines of toes from last year, it's time to replace them.

Give Up Flip-Flops When Driving

Many people have made the mistake of trying to operate a motor vehicle – or even bicycle – with flip flops on, and this has caused many vehicle accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Therefore, it would be much more ideal to wear reliable footwear for such activities, like sports shoes. Moreover, do not wear flip-flops when driving, as the sole can get trapped under the accelerator and cause a terrible car accident. 

Opt For Leather

Materials of the flip-flops is also of great importance. For example, it is better to shop for those made of high-quality soft leather. Leather minimizes the potential for blisters and other types of irritation. Another advantage of leather slippers is that they allow air to circulate, permit absorption and evaporation of transpiration, maintain feet at constant temperature and regulate humidity, reduce proliferation of bacteria and fungi which cause diseases and unpleasant odours. Therefore, if your skin is sensitive, try leather flip-flops.

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