How often should you change flip-flops
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How often should you change flip-flops

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Slippers are an indispensable daily necessities at home, but while they bring convenience and comfort to people, they have also become a sanitary corner that is easily overlooked. Slippers are a type of shoes with empty heels and only toe caps on the front. Most of them are flat bottoms. The materials are often quite soft leather, plastic, fabric, etc. The types of slippers are differentiated according to the wearing occasion and performance purpose. For example, beach slippers will not be made of fabric, but plastic. This is for waterproofing and easy cleaning. The toe type is also specially designed. They are often called flip-flops, which is what we call herringbone. drag. But for indoor slippers in winter, in order to keep warm, fleece may be used instead of plastic, so that people have better enjoyment in the living room.


A survey of more than 4,000 people shows that more than 90% of the people have the habit of changing slippers when they get home. slippers.

When asked, "How long have you used the oldest pair of slippers in your house?", nearly half of them answered that they had used them for half a year, 4 adults had used them for 1 to 3 years, and only 1.48% had used them within 1 month, while 5 More than a year as high as 7.34%.

At the same time, only 5.28% of people have the habit of brushing slippers every day, 38.83% of people brush every 3 months, 22.24% of people brush every six months, 7.41% of people can't brush once a year, and even nearly 9.2% of people said that the slippers at home have never been brushed...


Slippers not washed for a long time will lead to foot odor and athlete's foot

In fact, slippers are a place where bacteria grow, most of which are harmful bacteria, and it is also one of the most important ways of skin infection.

Many people think that slippers are only worn at home and will not get dirty. This is a very wrong view.

Take the most common cotton mop in the home, shoes and feet contact for a long time, it is easy to sweat, if not washed frequently, the dark, humid and warm environment in the cotton mop will become a medium for bacteria to grow and multiply. , may cause foot odor, athlete's foot, etc., and spread among family members.

In addition, sometimes when visiting relatives and friends' homes, it is inevitable to change into slippers. The survey shows that only half of the people have slippers specially prepared for guests at home; after the guests leave, less than 20% of the people will wash the slippers again.

In fact, in order to prevent the possibility of foot disease infection, it is best not to mix guest slippers. Disposable slippers or shoe covers can be used.


How to wash and store slippers?

After each bath, you can brush the plastic slippers by the way. Cotton slippers should be brushed frequently according to the usage.

Also, avoid storing slippers in the shoe cabinet with your outer shoes, as this can cause dust and bacteria to run around.

Try to take out the slippers every week to dry, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill a lot of germs. After winter, cotton and wool slippers should be cleaned before they are put away. In terms of hygiene, you should change a pair every 2-3 months. If you talk about aesthetics, you should change it. If the heel is severely worn, you can change it. The most important point is, don't let the slippers "overdue service", they have to be replaced after about a year of use.


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