How many types of slippers are there?
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How many types of slippers are there?

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1. Classified by season

The classification of slippers includes sandals and cotton slippers. As the name suggests, cotton slippers belong to winter, while sandals and slippers belong to hot summer. With the hot weather, cotton slippers have gradually faded out of the market, replaced by all kinds of sandals and slippers, so of course the slippers purchased in this season must belong to sandals and slippers.


2. Classify by shape

Flip-flops, toe slippers, flip-flops, wedge slippers, high-heeled slippers, massage slippers, hole slippers, flat slippers, half heel slippers, mesh slippers, fish mouth slippers, etc. , is to classify the type of slippers according to the shape.

3. Classification according to function

There are many types of slippers, such as casual slippers, beach slippers, home slippers, travel slippers, bathroom slippers, anti-static slippers, floor mopping slippers, health care slippers, warm slippers, hotel slippers, disposable slippers, slimming slippers, etc. This is also one of the elements that everyone will know about the classification of slippers when buying slippers.

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4. According to material classification

The functions of slippers made of different materials are also different, which is somewhat related to the above-mentioned classification of slippers according to their functions. There are also many types of slippers in terms of materials, such as EVA slippers, TPR slippers, plastic slippers, foam slippers, PVC foam slippers, linen slippers, woolen slippers, corduroy slippers, wooden slippers, bamboo carbon slippers, cowhide slippers, Paper slippers, coral velvet slippers, sponge velvet slippers, peacock velvet slippers, printed coral velvet slippers, super soft velvet slippers, suede slippers, of course, most of the slippers made of so many materials are the first few.

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