How To Keep Your Beach Flip Flops?
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How To Keep Your Beach Flip Flops?

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When go to the beach, people always choosing to wear a pair of V strap Beach Flip Flop, A pair of high quality beach are not only look pretty, but also make us feel comfortable. Right method of keeping can make the flip flops worn for a longer time.

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Don’t trample on the heel of the fixed shoelace under the foot plate when wearing high quality Beach Flip Flop. Many people wear V strap Beach Flip Flop as slippers. After a long time, the fixed band of shoes will be trampled and the shoe will be deformed.

Don’t wear beach flip flops for strenuous exercise, like playing basketball, playing football. Doing exercise or sports should wear professional shoes, even good beach shoes can not be used as football shoes. 

When hiking trips, don’t trample on sharp stones and other sharp objects. Avoid soaking beach shoes in the water for a long time, don’t put them under the strong sunlight. When camping, be careful not to let the fire bake, avoid changing color, deformation, or accelerate aging.

Don’t lend anti-skid Beach Flip Flop to person whose feet are larger than yours. That not only Stretch up your slippers but also are not clean.

Avoid contact with chemicals, such as alcohol, sulfuric acid. when them stained by chemicals, or soaked in seawater should be cleaned in time.

The V strap Beach Flip Flop should be cleaned in time. When cleaning, pay attention don’t brush they too hard with the shoe brush. You should rinse with water again and again. Then dry with a rag and put the ventilation place to dry.

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