How To Deal With My Dirty White Shoes?
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How To Deal With My Dirty White Shoes?

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How To Deal With My Dirty White Shoes?


White shoes are what a lot of girls like to wear when going out , as they not only match all sorts of clothes, but also make the whole person good-looking. Especially in the summer, if you put on a pair of shorts or short skirts, coupled with a pair of white sneakers, the whole person seems to be more young and beautiful. However, once they are worn for a long period or in rainy days, it cannot aviod turning yellow or dirty, which is particularly obvious.

Accordingly, girls who like to wear white shoes, often need to clean them. Here, I've come up with some ways to clean and store white shoes. Just do what I say and make sure your shoes are always white and beautiful.

How To Clean?

·If you wear white canvas & cloth shoes……

Toothpaste or crystal soap + toothbrush

These are the perfect combination to clean the smudge of rainwater. The key is, when drying them, put wet wholesome paper to wrap the whole pair of shoes so as to avoid sunshine basking in directly. In this way, the white canvas shoes won't appear to be yellow.

canvas shoes

·If you wear white rubber & leather shoes……

The sponge

The white shoes of rubber and leather are easier to clean originally. Dip the sponge into water, then a few spots can be wiped quickly.


In short, vaseline is similair as the shoe polish of white leather. Take a bit to wipe the shoes gently, then it can lighten the stain, and even form a protective film.

White vinegar & shampoo & toothpaste

These are good decontamination partners. With a little bit, you can remove the dirty.

leather shoes

·If you wear white shoes with special materials, like suede……


In fact, The original chamois is not a good self-treatment material. It is recommended to use a old toothbrush or shoe brush to brush them gently to get rid of the dust dirty on the surface. If you cannot handle it by yourself, send them to the store.

suede shoes

How To Store?

Put the desiccant

Because white shoes are easy to get yellow after being placed for a long time, you should put some desiccant inside your shoes when saving them. So, where to get desiccant? Actually, many food packaging bags have it.


Do not remove the sticker

In general, when shoes are not worn, we need to clean them again and then save them. According to the cleaning method mentioned above, you do not need to remove these pieces of paper after the shoes are stuck to dry. Put them together in the shoe box. At the time you wear them again, just tear the paper off, so that your shoes are still white and will not turn yellow.

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