Four Famous Beaches In The World
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Four Famous Beaches In The World

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There are many beautiful beaches all over the world. They all have fantastic sight and attract people who like to enjoy the sunlight and seawater. Here are some famous beaches, come to have a look with me.

Gold Coast

Crowds of people flock to the gold coast to surf, swim, and have sun bath. Beside the beach, shoppers can visit many theme parks, such as the attractive movie world or the ocean world. Visit a variety of clubs and beer bars, even casinos, if you have the energy. Most people travel here between December and February of the following year. You will also be experiencing some of the hottest weather, so don't forget your sunshade.

Gold Coast

Nigel Beach

Jamaica's Nigel Beach is one of the most famous beaches because the weather is fantastic and it stays the same all year round. Surprisingly, Jamaica will not affect by the hurricane season throughout the October. This beach has 17 miles of attractive white beaches, restaurants along the coastline and a quiet atmosphere that will encourage you to expect your Jamaican friends to accept you. Jamaica may be more attractive in the summer because there are not crowded in the beach and hotel occupancy is 30 percent lower than that in the winter.

Nigel Beach

Camp Kern Beach 

For most people, Camp kern beach has everything: luxurious accommodations and lasting parties (especially between February and march, when the most avid college students arrive). Aztecs gods bring at least 250 sunny days a year, which allows tourists to get a good night's sleep during nap time. Late summer is a good time to save money if you want to. But in September and October, you'd better go somewhere else unless you prefer the storms here.

Camp Kern Beach

BoLong Shore Beach

Although it is not as famous as other beaches, BoLong shore beach has won many awards for its "white beach". The water is shallow and the sand is brighter and thinner than most beaches in the archipelago. With more than 350 beach attractions and 2,000 rooms, you're bound to find what you're looking for. There are also a variety of restaurants, beer bars, taverns and nightclubs that run till the next morning.

BoLong Shore Beach

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