Five Different Types Of Slippers

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Footwear varies from slippers to shoes to sandals for women and men alike. Given this point, this major difference varies from one variant to its different subs. But first, let’s discuss the difference among these three. However, different forms of slippers started in Asia way back to the 12th century and throughout the years, more and more variants have come into existence. Having said that, here are the 5 types of slippers.

flip flops

Sandal Slippers

Sandal slippers have been popular for around for years, and lately people are reliving the use of this particular footwear. It’s typically a cushioned footwear with fabric or soft rubber soles and a few leather belts that goes across the foot. People enjoy sandal slippers due to the comfort they get from the cushioned soles.

Sandal Slippers

Slip On

Slip on slippers are definitely the most popular type of slippers of all time. In some places, they are also called as slide on slippers or scuff slippers (“scuff” because it creates a scuffing sound when walked in).

Essentially, this is a fabric-made footwear (that’s pretty soft, by the way) where the fabric surrounds the foot and only covers the toes and the top of the foot with heels exposed. Often times, it’s made in simple materials, however, some makes them in durable stuff such as soft suede, or are lined with fleece for extra warmth.

Slip On

Closed Back

Closed back slippers are basically slip ons or scuffs. The difference between the two of them, however, is that closed backs tend to cover the heel part.

More often, this footwear is made of faux fur, acrylic, fleece-lined leather, or polyester. It also comes in a variety of designs and colors. Even though it’s not as easily worn as a slip on, it’s undeniably soft, and therefore, comfortable to wear. In order to offer a perfect and comfortable fit for consumers, some brands and companies manufacture closed back slippers in an elasticized version.

Closed Back


Moccasins are the type of slippers that are often confused for shoes, as it definitely makes a good resemblance of it. It’s made of soft leather or synthetic material combined with hard rubber or leather for the sole. More often than not, its aesthetic comes off with indigenous motifs or beads – looking even more like those of ancient Asian tribal footwear. Of course, with it looking like a shoe, it can also be worn outdoors, especially if the sole’s made out of a hard material. Most of the time, adults prefer to wear moccasins among other variants of slippers.



Definitely, a novelty slipper makes the best and cutest type of slipper. Often, it’s made of a very soft material and in a larger size further covering the entire foot. The reason of this being is that this slipper is often designed as a certain animal or a cartoon character’s foot (in a large, colorful, and fluffy manner) – including rabbits, cows, dogs, or ducks. Hence, it’s a perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for kids. Additionally, it comes in two versions: a back-open or a back-covered.

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