Five Colorful Beaches In The World
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Five Colorful Beaches In The World

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Most people like the beach vacation because they enjoy walking on the beach barefoot in a sunny afternoon, feeling the warmth of the sand under your feet, and sitting lazily on a beach chair, enjoying the cool breeze. But best beaches make you feel comfortable not only in texture, but also in color. There are five colorful beaches in the world.

White Beach

White and blue might be the coolest color in the world. White crystal clear, blue cool clear, this is the world's most pure combination.

Maldives: it is always a place where you can put down your tablet and mobile phone and go out to enjoy your vacation and your trip. And in the pocket heart, Maldives is such a existence. Thousands of coral islands are scattered like pearls in the blue sea, which  Maldives isolated from the world. The fine sand, the blue sky, is simply beautiful!

Five Colorful Beaches In The World

Pink Beach

Which is the most popular beach for girls? It must be pink beach! The color comes from foraminifera in pink shells, and when they die, their shells mix with stone sand.

Longmu, Indonesia: beautiful and quiet bay, white soft beach, majestic active volcano, vast green volcanic lake. The most famous pink beach in the area is the Hubble Bird, which has the real pink beach, and the pink "sand" is mixed with white coral powder from the remains of a foraminifera off the local coast. As the number of foraminifera remains reaches a certain proportion, the beach shows a beautiful pink color.


Five Colorful Beaches In The World

Red  Beach

In many people's eyes, red may be a sign of passion, and when the color of the beach turns red, it doesn't look as simple as passion.

St. Torini Red Beach: red Beach near Acrotiri at the southern tip of St. Torini. It is a beautiful beach with beautiful scenery and isolation. There are large areas of red bare rock, which are iron-rich, so they show fascinating red color, which is even more magical and dazzling under the sun.


Five Colorful Beaches In The World

Orange Beach 

Nature is the greatest artist, it always gives us unexpected surprise, just like this beautiful orange beach. 

Ramla Bay, Malta: the romantic Mra Bay of the Mediterranean Sea lies north of Gozo Island. The golden sand here is bright and red, especially in the sun. The sand here is soft and comfortable to tread on. Like the color of fire, bring fire like enthusiasm, water and fire collision, the exclusive sparks of beauty of this beach.


Five Colorful Beaches In The World

Green Beach 

Green is more of a life in the ordinary sense, and it's hard for me to imagine what it would be like when the sand become green, when thousands of sand gather together to become a beach.

Hawaii: the green comes from olivine, washed ashore by underwater activity and turned into sand by years of sea water, giving rise to what is now a tea-making beach. Looking at this green beach, is it very much like tea ice cream, is there an impulse to want to take a bite?


Five Colorful Beaches In The World

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