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Dutch Client

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Dutch Client

Dutch Client

We met at the GDS Exhibition in March 2014. The client purchased for mid- and high-end brand stores. At that time, we’ve already had a design team. The styles of the slippers we exhibited were developed by our design team and sampled by our own factory. The client was very interested in our slippers. After the talk, the client picked some of our products together with the slippers that was produced in Dongguan, Guangdong. He required us to arrange a sample order. We arranged the sample order immediately once we came back to China. The client suddenly told us that he would visit our company in May. We showed the samples to the client the day he visited our company. He was very satisfied. In October, the client placed the first order including five styles with a small quantity for each style. But we won’t let the quantity disappoint us and still take the order quite seriously. After the order was completed, the client conducted the quality inspection on almost all of mass production goods. Nearly all of goods were qualified. Only one style had a small problem which we quickly modified and got inspected again. After receiving the goods, the customer was still very satisfied with our quality and placed most of his orders on us since the second year. Until now, we are still good partners who trust each other.

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