Do you know the following points when wearing flip-flops?
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Do you know the following points when wearing flip-flops?

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When the hot summer comes, many people like to wear fashionable and casual flip-flops to go out, which are good-looking and convenient, and the design is simple and light. But there are many places and matters that we should pay attention to when wearing flip-flops.

Flip-flops have become more and more fashionable for modern young people. If you wear them carefully, there will be no major problems. If you don't pay attention, there will be many problems. There are actually many places to wear flip-flops. Note. Have you found that wearing flip-flops for a long time will make your feet very tired? If you rarely wear them, the flip-flops will easily cause blisters between your thumb and middle finger, which will make your feet even more tired. Comfortable.


At this time, you need to apply some shoe lubricant to the separation of the flip-flops to soften the separation of the flip-flops. Of course, you also need to apply moisturizer on your thumb and middle finger to add a layer of protection. Membrane on the skin, reducing friction and blistering on the toes.

After putting on the flip-flops, be careful not to walk for a long time on the road with very hard asphalt. If the quality of the flip-flops purchased is plastic, it is easy to change the quality of the flip-flops under the hot high temperature. It is easy to cause sunburn and inflammation of the skin of the feet. However, flip-flops are not as supportive as casual shoes. Flip-flops only have a V-shape with two straps, and the support is poor. When walking, you need to exert force on your toes. In the long run, it is easy to cause tendon soreness. You should choose quality Better flip-flops with soft soles.


At the same time, we should also pay attention not to wear flip-flops during outdoor activities, otherwise the feet will be easily sprained and bruised. People who are heavier in weight should also pay attention. Wearing more flip-flops will put more of their body weight on the V-belt with poor support for flip-flops, which will easily lead to abrasions on the ankles and insteps. It is usually not recommended that you wear flip-flops for too long, which will fatigue the muscles of the feet, cause blisters between the toes, and cause inflammation. Everyone should pay attention.

If you really need to wear flip-flops and run around all day, you will find that your feet will be very sore and tired when you take off your shoes. At this time, you need to soak in a pot of hot water, about 50 degrees, or you can put a little salt, which can effectively relieve foot fatigue, improve blood circulation, and relax muscles.

It is also important to choose a good slippers material. If you want to stimulate the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet and achieve the effect of health care and body care, then it is best to choose massage flip-flops made of bamboo or wooden boards, and the material of this kind of slippers is very cool to wear in summer, especially after eating and walking When walking, massage the soles of the feet while walking to prevent diseases.


There is also a better type of flip-flops made of flax or rattan material, because these two materials have very good water absorption, which is conducive to preventing the phenomenon of foot odor caused by sweating on the soles of the feet in summer. At the same time, flax or rattan The flip-flops also have strong breathability, and it is very comfortable to wear such flip-flops in summer.

There are also foam slippers, which are relatively soft in texture; rubber slippers have better elasticity and can provide enough support for the feet; if you are at home, you can choose cloth slippers. Different slipper materials have different functions, and the effect of wearing them will also be different.

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