Do You Know These Things About Slippers?
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Do You Know These Things About Slippers?

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High quality flip flops slippers  is one of the important part in our daily life. we wear slippers everyday. Do you real know about slippers?here are something about slippers.

The category of slippers

First, according to the different seasons, slippers can be classified as summer slippers and cotton slippers. Obviously, summer slippers are worn in the warm spring,hot summer and cool autumn, while cotton slippers are worn in the cold winter. This classification method is relatively general. In fact, summer slippers and cotton slippers can also be further subdivided.

Second, according to the different occasions, slippers can be classified as home slippers, outdoor slippers, bathroom slippers,hotel slippers and so on.Home slippers used to wear at home.so the comfort is the vital thing.Their materials are always soft and light.we can wear outdoor slippers go out,so the style of the outdoor slippers is more.Bathroom slippers is used at bathroom, the feature of them is waterproof.Hotel slippers are used at hotel.It's disposable and made from Non-woven cloth.

Third, according to the material, slippers can be classified as EVA slippers, PE slippers, plastic slippers, coral slippers, wooden slippers, paper slippers and so on. Different materials can bring different comfort.

Of course, there are many methods for classifying slippers, such as according to the production process, according to the use of people, according to the shape of slippers, and so on.

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The culture of slippers

Slippers have their own culture.In many Asian countries,you have to take off your shoes and put on the in-room slippers.There are always bathroom slippers in the bathroom. And the slippers of the host and the guest are usually separated.

In tropical countries, it is quite common to wear slippers outdoors. Many people working on the streets also need a pair of slippers for their work. Most restaurants will not prohibit wearing slippers.

Tourists wearing slippers are also common in some coastal sightseeing spots. Therefore, some restaurants, clothing stores or department stores will post signs on the door of the store.

It is not polite to wear flat slippers on official occasions, such as attending graduation, going to church, visiting temples an so on. In the jade Buddhist temple in Thailand, it is stipulated that visitors can not wear slippers.

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