Do You Know The Materials Of Your Slippers Soles?
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Do You Know The Materials Of Your Slippers Soles?

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When we choose the slippers, we usually pay attention to their appearance and materials, Have your even observed the soles of the slippers carefully? Have you ever be interesting in the materials of the soles? There are soles made from many kinds of materials. Knowing that can help us to choose the suitable slippers coursing a pair of high quality EVA Beach Slippers  are important for our health and our daily life. 



The EVA material is obtained from ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). The EVA foamed sheet has good flexibility and elasticity, and the gloss of the surface and chemical stability are also very good. EVA has anti-aging, odor-resistant, non-toxic, soft shock absorption and biodegradable, so it has a wide range of uses. 

high quality PE Beach Slipper  



PVC foam slippers are soft and comfortable to wear, and are easy to make a variety of colors. It is the largest type of slippers. The disadvantages are complicated procedures, strict operation procedures and low production efficiency.

PVC foam slippers



This kind of sole is the most common. TPR material has the rubber's characteristics of good wear resistance, excellent slip resistance and shock absorption performance, TPR material is superior to rubber in softness and comfort, but the tensile strength, fatigue resistance and mechanical properties of the material are not as good as vulcanized rubber.

TPR slippers


Fabric with dot 

Fabric with dot is not very popular in China, because many people think it is inconvenient and not waterproof. In fact, in foreign countries, this kind of sole is very common, especially in America. Japan and South Korea people also like to wear this kind of sole, because this kind of soles are soft, lightweight and non-slip.




There are many kinds of cloth sole slippers, such suede, canvas, and many other cloth sole, cloth sole slippers suitable for wooden floors coursing they are soft and comfortable and are very convenient to clean, just throw them into the washing machine. If you have a carpet in your room, or an upscale wood floor, or if you're a homely girl who likes to hang out in your bedroom and surf the Internet, then soft and comfortable cloth sole slippers are definitely the choice.

cloth sole slippers




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