Do You Know The Beach Culture Of Rio?
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Do You Know The Beach Culture Of Rio?

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Before coming to Brazil, just say the name Rio de Janeiro, all over the body can feel the hot white sun, the salty wet sea breeze blowing sweat body sticky. This is where all travel books and documentaries are shown to outsiders: Rio is the beach, the beach is Rio.

Do You Know The Beach Culture Of Rio

The standard Rio pie is not to bring anything from home except swimsuits and money. Rent a deck chair, a beach umbrella. Don't try to pull out a book. All you have to do is bask in the sun or chat with your friends. Basking in the sun, drinking mountains and eating snacks are the basic but not enough moves to blend into Rio Beach. "how to distinguish between tourists on the beach and locals? The most accurate way is to look at the size of their swimsuits. " There are two bikini in the world: ordinary bikini and Brazilian bikini. The most conservative Brazilian bikini is half the fabric of an ordinary bikini.

Do You Know The Beach Culture Of Rio

Beach culture permeates all aspects of Rio's social life, from dress codes to verbal expressions. Only the Rio people use the expression "this is not my beach" when they feel something is out of their taste."on the beach, generals, teachers, politicians, millionaires and poor students are all equal," said Roberto Damata, a Brazilian anthropologist and writer. "there, the bodies are equally humble, and one body is almost nakedly close to the other, and there is no defense or pretense." If you ask Rio why they love the beach, most of them will give a similar perfect answer.

Do You Know The Beach Culture Of Rio

If you go to Rio beach, the most important things you should take are swimsuits, money and may be a pair of beach flip flops. The rest thing you have to do is just enjoy the sunbath and the beach sight.

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