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Most people ask themselves after getting up every day - "What should I wear today?"

Ideally, you can dress stylishly and look good. In reality, not only does it have a dime relationship with fashion, but many people wear inappropriatly in the eyes of the boss. The industry in which the company is located and what is your position can be said to play a decisive role in the question "How to wear today?"

Wearing a pair of flip-flops, the acceptance degree in the Internet companies is naturally much greater than that in a financial company. As for your preference? Who cares? Don’t you know that “letting the boss feel pleasing” is also a hidden column in the payroll? Some employees think that they can wear slippers.

ories flip flops

"I think wearing slippers means freedom, and I like to advertise that I am a liberalist .”

"It's more comfortable anyway. I like it very much, especially the kind that is both comfortable and beautiful. It is a favorite gift for me. I believe that my friends have the same feeling. "

"Men should not wear ---- the dress is not matched; women can wear ----- It is fashion. Just like a man wearing a vest can not enter the room, but a woman can wear a vest with only a shoulder strap. 


It is not allowed to wear slippers to work in the boss’s eyes.

It is not allowed to wear slippers to work, which is the rules and regulations of companies. It is the need for safe production and the protection of employees.  Why can’t we wear slippers to work? It can be said from two aspects.


For Safety

The first is safe. Wearing comfortable flip flops is easy to slip when walking. When walking, the toes exposed by slippers are easy to kick, the damage to feet may be relatively light. People just need pay attention to it and it will be fine. For this reason, the potential danger is often overlooked. However, from a safety point of view, it seems that the damage is lighter, but the actual consequences are often very serious, and even endanger our life. If you wear beach flip flops, it is easy to slip. 

When you are in an emergency, the small problem of slipping is likely to become a key factor causing accidents and personal injury. In the safety accident, the slippers have no protective effect at all. And if wearing slippers causes work-related accidents, the injured person is also responsible for violations and is subject to punishment. In recent years, some companies not only stipulate that all personnel can not wear slippers to work, but also clearly stipulate that the workshop personnel can not wear any shoes with a heel height of more than 3CM to work, so as to avoid a safety accident.

For Civilization

The second is civilization. It is forbidden to wear Outdoor Flip-Flops to work, because it is not only a regulation of safety management, but also a performance of concept and consciousness. Slippers are not allowed to wear to work for a long time. It is a social consensus. It reflects the image of a corporate culture and the personal qualities of employees. Wearing slippers will make people feel that the company is lazy, giving people a sense of drag and drop, without a positive spirit. For the individual, it is the external performance of a person's cultural accomplishment and communicative ability.

The summer is hot and the beach flip flops can bring refreshment, but we can't forget safety and cultivation for the sake of refreshment. Let us remind each other and consciously accept management. Do not wear slippers to work, dress according to the company regulations, showing a good spirit, so that customers, colleagues and ourselves will have a good working feeling.

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