Are sandals suitable for boys?
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Are sandals suitable for boys?

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Are sandals suitable for boys?

Boys can also wear sandals. The beauty of sandals is their openness and the comfort they provide in warm weather. Wearing sandals means your feet will be on display. Regular foot care is a must to keep your feet looking great.

Choosing to wear sandals depends on the occasion. Sandals are a very comfortable choice for some relaxing activities and summer. Of course, in some formal occasions, wearing sandals may not be suitable, and appropriate decisions need to be made according to consumer requirements.

I don't know when, boys' sandals have become a "controversial" summer item. Many people would rather accept boys wearing slippers than accept boys wearing sandals.

Many girls still have the impression of sandals as an exclusive item for "uncle grocery shopping" and "otaku". Compared with the variety of sandal styles of girls, boys' sandals are indeed a bit embarrassing.

But the summer is so hot, sandals seem to be the first choice for refreshing. So, today the director will tell you how to wear sandals for boys so that they don’t look low!


The sandal style is fatal!

Choose simple and elegant styles, and refuse fancy colors. The classic style will never go out of style. If you don’t know how to choose, you can choose Birkenstocks or leather sandals. It doesn't look sloppy when you wear it at work, but it feels casual and comfortable.

Sandals represent casualness and don't match a suit. Don't dress in a patchwork way!


Clean your feet first?

Now that you've chosen the exposed instep and toes, don't forget to trim your toenails. After all, sloppy smells bad.

Small details such as long toenails or dirt on the toenails reveal not only personal hygiene problems, but also a reflection of life style.

If you are not going to a very casual occasion, it is recommended to think twice before deciding whether to wear sandals.


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